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Trading panel : recent changes

Hi all traders :=)

First, I would like to apologize to all people that sent me messages during the holidays (July/August).

I make some long vacations and I wasn’t there to reply to all your warm messages or questions (2/3 per days).

So I won’t respond to all of you personnaly but I will try to merge questions that I had into post news or tutorial on the website.


So what new in September : “Will the Konkis EA Live will be released soon ??”

I’m working on it, and it’s going pretty well. I intend to take all the comments I had, and offer new experiences at a better price.

Architecture of the linker to binary, Panel and EA will all be modified to offer simplier and easier to use produts.

A lot of you are just coming into the financial markets, and binary options, so all I have to offer should be easier to undertand for all of you.

What will change in September ?

  • All free stuff / paid stuff will be merge into one and unique offer :
    • KonkisTrading Linker Panel will be available for all customers at 19.99 € instead of 49.90€, with no commissions ( so it will be the payout prices).
    • KonkisTrading Linker EA (live version of the backtester) will be available for all customers at 29.99 €, with no commissions ( so it will be the payout prices).

With these tools, all you have will be to add your own rules to the EA, and it will handle everything for you.

More details will be available soon in the EA section.



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