Customize the settings as you like !

EA Settings : how to configure the panel ?

Konkis Linker Panel is a customer designed panel. The aim is to bring the user its own experience, by fitting all its wishes, your wishes with a lot of settings.

To accomplish that, the Expert Advisor panel should have the more flexibility and customization possible.

So, a large part of the development time was allocated to the work on the settings, colors, text, and size.

As a result, the panel can be easily included in all your existing template, by changing the position of the panel, size, and colors.

Konkis Panel Settings


Binary Settings

Binary API Token : copy/paste here your API key generated (with Read and Trade rights). For more information on how to generate the API binary Key, please take a look at this installation page.

Account currency : set here your account currency

Symbol Type : Set the type of asset you are trading on your chart, the categories are from

Special Symbol Name : if the asset name traded is not the same as the chart window name in MT4, make a special mapping between your chart and the asset on

Example : to trade the Belgian Index, Set “Indices” in Symbol Type and “BFX” in Symbol Special Name.


Options settings

Initial Stake Size : Initial amount of money you invest in each binary option trade. Don’t be too greedy and pay attention to money management.

Expiration 1 to 7 : Change expiry time of the binary options. All the accepted format are : 2M ; M3 ; H4 ; 1H ; 2D ; D4.


Graphical settings

Display pending orders interface : show/hide pending orders buttons line

All colors and font size to change and modify the Panel user interface.


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