Pending orders : Binary Options in MT4

You can set Pending orders and they will be automatically open by KonkisTrading Linker Panel!

It’s very usefull to avoid missing some important price levels such as resistance or support points, round numbers levels or trend lines.

So, how to set Pending orders ? 

Two buttons are usable for these orders “P UP” (aka Pending Up) and “P DOWN” (aka Pending Down).


KonkisTrading Linker Panel will watch your broker price, and send automatically a request of a new binary option if the price cross the level set.

In the example below, user want to open a new “Put” binary option of 10$ as soon as the price cross the 1.11505 price on EURUSD.

Pending Orders

It will display a red line on the chart indicating where is your current pending down level to activate the 1 minute expiry binary option.

Warning :

The EA calculates the Pending orders itself, so it’s not equal to usual buy or sell pending orders as in MT4 FOREX trading.

In forex, theses type of orders are located and accepted by the broker server, whereas here, it’s all calculated by the EA.

If the price of MT4 cross the lower level it will open as many binary option as expiry time button activated.

Warning 2 :

Please be aware that the MT4 broker price may differ from the broker price of

So the requested price, and further the open price of, may not exactly match with the price asked. It’s a fact that you should know about.

For this reasons, a good advise would be to open binary options longer than usual (5 minutes/15minutes instead of 1/2 minutes )

You can have both pending orders (call and put) :

Two pending orders

Once price cross one of the levels, it will open a binary option with all features as usual.

Now you just have to wait and hope the price will cross your lines.

To download the Panel, it’s here!