Open a binary option : call or put ?

How to Call (up) or Put (down) a binary option ?

Set the expiration time

KonkisTrading Linker Panel has seven buttons to call, put and choose your binary option expiry time.

A simple click on an expiry time button will highlight it in blue.

On the above example, the user wants to open 3 binary options at the same time of 5 minutes, 10 minutes, and 15 minutes expiry. Then, the next time the user will click on “CALL” or “PUT”, 3 simultaneous binary options will be opened on its account of 10$ each.


 All the 7 expiry times can be configured in the Expert Settings. allow custom expiry time depending on the Asset you want to trade, so please check on the website which time expiry is available for your asset.

Finally, you can set expiry time in minutes (“27M“, “M49“), in hours (“2H, H8“), or in days (“1D“,”D5“).



  • CALL : instantly open a new binary option on, depending on the “Expiry time buttons” highligthed.
  • PUT : instantly open a new binary option on, depending on the “Expiry time buttons” highligthed.
  • Stake : The middle field is used to enter a new (amount bet) on the next binary option opened.  

Has my option been validated by ?

In this example, the user take one CALL option with 1 minute expiry :

A new line below the panel appear : CALL 60s 10USD REQUESTED which contains :

  • Direction of the binary option requested: CALL
  • Duration of the binary option requested : 60s
  • Stake of the binary option requested : 10 USD

At this precise moment, the linker has sent all the information for your trade to

Then, respond to KonkisTrading Linker Panel by validating or not the request sent.


Option is accepted


If the request has been approved (validated), the line displayed turn bleu (option : “Validated BO” in the EA settings), and the payout given by is displayed on the line (here : 16.84$).

Later, at the approval, and only after approved the binary option, an arrow will be displayed on the chart to help user to trace its binary options.



Important Warning : does not send back to the EA the “Open Price” of the binary option approved, nor the close price at the end. Consequently, arrows and crosses are located on the chart by the EA at an estimated price. Sell graphical arrow will be located at the top of the high of the current candle and buy graphical arrow will be located at the bottom of the low of the current candle, not at the real price taken by

No matter what happened, KonkisLinker will always display the REAL results of trades, found in history.

So, it’s a win or a loss ?

So if he trade is win or lose on the chart, it is really WIN or LOOSE on

If the binary option was been won, the line become green, and a yellow check is displayed on the chart.

If the binary option was been lost, the line become red, and a red check is displayed on the chart.


Option is rejected


In contrast, if the request is rejected by, the line turn orange and a tag “Not valid” is added to the line.

Here the user tried to open a 0$ stake Call option, which has been rejected by

So, the error returned by will be displayed in the bottom left corner of the chart.